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HEAL Basic Patch + 1d4-1 HP Minor Heal / Stops Bleeding
HEAL Basic Antidote 8+/20 to Cure Cures 'Infected'
HEAL Mystery Pill + 1d20 HP Max of 1 per day
HEAL Light Meal + 3 HP and 1AP Cannot be used in combat. Max of 4 per day
HEAL Space Whiskey + 2d4 HP Player is drunk for 2 rounds
HEAL Comet's Tail Scotch+ 3d4 HP Player is drunk for 4 rounds
HEAL Dark Side of the Moonshine+ 2d6 HP Player is drunk for 3 rounds
HEAL Blackhole Vodka + 3d6 HP Player is drunk for 6 rounds
RESIST Steroid Cream - Resists/Cures Paralysis for one round
RESIST Coffee Grinds - Resists/Cures Exhaustion for one round
AP Power Drink + 3d4/2 AP Rounds down
REVIVE Smelling Salts - Revives a Player to 1HP
REVIVE Adriniline Salve + 1d4-2 HP Revives a Player to 1HP


REPAIR Plasma Bond 14+/20 Used to repair, mend, or weld
REPAIR Repair Kit 11+/20 Used to repair, mend, or weld
FUEL Nuke Injection 1 Fuel Sustainable fuel source for ship
MISC Black Rocks Sellable Rare rock found on high-gravity planets/moons.
MISC Grapple Chain 6+/20 Increase player movement by 1 if there is a ceiling. Can be used to cross difficult terrain. Item breaks if check is failed.
MISC Iridium Ore Sellable Ore found on terrestrial planets
STORAGEBasic Lock-box Storage Holds 20 items. Cannot be used during combat.
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