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Randomized Missions

Missions are typically found via the ships communication system, a job kiosk, or a mission board (online or offline). The GM will roll for the following when generating a mission; Species of Contact(d8), Contacts Job(d20), Contacts Personality(d20), Mission Type(d12), and Item(d20)/Species(d8)/Location(d20) specifications of that mission type if required.

RollNPC SpeciesNPC JobNPC PersonalityNPC Mission Type
1HumanpoliticianrespectfulDelivery of [Item] to [Location]
2PrimedruglordforcefulDestroy [Item] at [Location]
3Grolunmilitary officerhesitantHelp escaping from [Location]
4DroiddiplomatcasualDisrupt event regarding [Item] at [Location]
5ZakaiscientistblandAssassination of a [Species] [Job] for their stance on [Item]
6Primepiratehalf-heartedTracking a vessel that is transporting [Item]
7Grolunexpedition leadercallousThe capture of a dangerous [Species]
8ZakairefugeerushedOn the run from [Species], need help getting to [Location]
9-bankergentleEscort for vessel to [Location]
10-engineernervousDistress beacon on [Location]
11-shop ownerawkward-
17-police officeremphatic-
19-medical officerwarm-
20-alliance officialquiet-
1DrugsAlpha (station)
2WeaponsVolgrick (station)
3LivestockHavul (ice)
4food suppliesZon Tu (desert)
5crates of alcoholGor Cal (terrestrial)
6volitile substancesLug Gul (station)
7DronesHat Varbasa (jungle)
8SlavesMiron (moon)
9Medical suppliesHul (station)
10Mysterious containersYedriagantu (station)
11PassengersDeslade (colony)
12Cases of black rocksZoeter (moon)
13Valuable mineralsTiethea (asteroid)
14Construction materialsTrov 1HT (swamp)
15Piles of horrible black gooOblohiri (desert)
16Containers of szechuan sauceSmao 29 (ice)
17Human artifactsFloxulara (colony)
18Other universe objectsBlozolia (station)
19LivestockHobrion (terrestrial)
20SpicesPobleaphus (asteroid)

Payment can also be randomized [(d12 + d)•(d x 2)•(d x d +2)•(3)]/[2] where d=difficulty (1-4).
* Please feel free to use the chart below to easily come up with payments according to their difficulty.

  1. Easy to complete and/or low risk. up to 40 minutes.
  2. Moderate effort required to complete and/or moderate risk. 40-min - 1.2 hrs.
  3. Difficult to complete and/or high risk. 1 - 4 hrs.
  4. Extremely difficult to complete and/or very high risk. 4-16 hrs.
DifficultyLowest PayHighest Pay

Calculate your own payments
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r=dice roll

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