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About Star Odyssey

Star Odyssey is a Sci-Fi Table-Top RPG designed to allow new and veteran players alike to take command of a starship and embark upon randomly generated adventures.

What is it?

Star Odyssey is played similarly to most popular Table-Top RPG's with a few key differences; setting, simplicity, & randomization.

  • The game follows a simplicity-first approach to role playing; For example; Successful dice rolls are 12+ on a d20. While there are exceptions, most checks are set at this number.
  • There are no player levels. However, there is a skill advancement system. Each time someone successfully passes a skill check, they are awarded 1 skill point for that specific skill. This system allows players to focus on their strengths (or weaknesses they want to improve). Set criteria on rolls mixed with the skill system results in a realistic and rewarding experience.
  • Missions and ship transmissions are randomly generated allowing the GM to effectively advance the story with no repetition and countless possible outcomes.

The Game Master will lead player characters throughout the galaxy as their ships Captain. The Captain can play as any approved Star Odyssey species OR they can play as the Ships AI OR they can play as the unseen Game Master.

Players are allowed to choose from any of the approved Star Odyssey species and can further customize their character by selecting a class.

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